Fighting avoidable blindness

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Precious Sight Foundation

PRECIOUS SIGHT FOUNDATION was founded in July 2014, by Ade and Biyi Adewumi as a result of a traumatic experience they went through where Biyi lost her sight for a period of almost 6 months.

" Saving Your Sight – We've Made It Our Fight

This book takes you through the authors ordeal of dealing with a potentially life transforming ailment. It provides an absorbing picture of a roller-coaster six month period, which began with pain & despair but after a good number of terrifying & heart rendering twists & turns culminated in the greatest thing we can aspire for as humans; the realisation of our true purpose.


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Gambia 2020 Tea Party

  About this Event Precious Sight Foundation, a charity passionate about saving sight in third world countries. We have a target of raising £5,000 for