About Precious Sight Foundation

Ade and Biyi Adewumi

Precious Sight Foundation (PSF) was founded in July 2014, by Ade and Biyi Adewumi as a result of a traumatic experience they went through where Biyi lost her sight for a period of almost 6 months.

Living in the United Kingdom, Biyi received free prompt and adequate eyecare as her condition was rare enough to attract interest from the medics at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. At the end of the experience was a successful Corneal transplant and Biyi can see again.

Ade and Biyi are now on a mission to help others in the 3rd world not loose sight needlessly as research suggest that approximately 56 per cent of people lose their sight unnecessarily.

At the end of this experience Biyi wrote her first book “Further than I could see” and PSF was launched.

Saving Your Sight – We’ve Made It Our Fight