Annual Report 2015


On the back of a harrowing sight loss experience Precious Sight Foundation was founded in London in July 2014 with the simple but profound vision to give individuals who ordinarily would not have access to basic eye care the opportunity to have it; with a particular focus on Africa. The vision is that one day PSF will become a household name with thousands of beneficiaries globally.
To put the work we do in context, I often ask people to imagine what it would be like if either the main or one of the breadwinners in a family could not see; or alternatively ask people to close their eyes for a few minutes to see what it feels like. I daresay the experience
causes people to pause and be grateful. Precious Sight Foundation is currently an organisation Limited by Guarantee in the UK and the company is in the final stages of attaining full UK charitable status with the Charity Commission. Precious Sight Charitable Foundation was registered in Nigeria as a fully-fledged registered NGO in April 2015.

2015 saw PSF’s journey start in earnest and as the saying goes every major walk starts with a first step and we have indeed taken the first few steps to making basic eye care services available at points of extreme need. Over the last 16 months we have generated impact in what could be deemed a small way but the various people that have benefited from our services need no further convincing that our vision is not in vain.

At PSF each time we embark on a mission the worthiness of the cause is brought to the fore when people walk away with in a lot of instances a simple solution to what could havembecome a life changing ailment. In 2016 our aim is to press forward and transform more
lives. The summary of initiatives below gives an insight into the work we have done so far.