Sight Matters – Issue 3 April 2018

Sight Matters – Issue 3 April 2018

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd edition of Sight Matters.

We are really grateful for what God has been doing via PSF and the numerous lives that have been touched as a result. Feedback from most of our missions indicate that many people across Africa are faced with either putting food on the table or having basic healthcare (eyecare inclusive). The gap we are doing our utmost to fill is providing basic eyecare for free thereby enabling people in already difficult terrains to focus on their survival and upkeep with this all so important sense in tip top condition.

We believe 2018 will be our most productive year yet as we have set ourselves exacting targets to increase our impact. Just totting up the statistics to date is a testament to the missions’ accomplishments but we are not sitting on our laurels as there are so many more lives that require a touch. 2017 was not without its challenges but we surmounted them and recorded the highest number of people seen since the mission was launched.

Biyi is completely sold to the vision and as the strategic and operation driver of the mandate as well as being the face of PSF, works tirelessly to ensure we are breaking new grounds with relevant initiatives. Her unstinting effort is appreciated by all the communities who have benefited from the mission.