Further Than I can See

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This book takes you through the authors ordeal of dealing with a potentially life transforming ailment. It provides an absorbing picture of a rollercoaster six month period, which began with pain & despair but after a good number of terrifying & heart rendering twists & turns culminated in the greatest thing we can aspire for as humans; the realisation of our true purpose.

Ade and Biyi are now on a mission to help others in the 3rd world not loose sight needlessly as research suggest that approximately 56 per cent of people lose their sight unnecessarily.

At the end of this experience Biyi wrote her first book “Further than I could see” and PSF was launched.

Biyi very skilfully elaborates on how she re-learnt to walk with God, to trust while confronting the reality of her situation, how she learnt to stay sane while waiting for a breakthrough and how her purpose was eventually revealed.

Dr Sola Fola-Alade Senior Pastor, Trinity Chapel

This is a short book that will encourage anyone going through challenges, as well as provide guidance to anyone who is a helper to loved ones around them suffering particularly harrowing experiences.

Yemi Odusolu Author, Eat The Scroll

In “Further Than I Could See’: Biyi shares her insights from coping with a recent period of loss to her sight. She also explains how she found her life’s vision as a result of the traumatic experience.

Bankole Akinlade Director of Pastoral Care and Outreach, Trinity Chapel


Saving Your Sight – We’ve Made It Our Fight

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